Project Description


Breathwork is an active meditation and an effective way to open up and connect or reconnect with your whole self. It unblocks stagnant energy, clears mental and emotional blockages and helps disconnect from habits and relationships that don’t serve you anymore. Through this active meditation, the breath is used to neutralize the brain, stimulate the release of endorphins and promote movement of qi and oxygenated blood throughout the body.



Since it is an active meditation, it requires us to focus on breathing in a unique rhythm. The rhythm involves following a simple, yet profound, 3-stage breathing technique, two inhales followed by an exhale. All breathing is done through the mouth allowing you to access your energy centers more quickly. The first inhale is at the lower dan tian (or low belly), second inhale is at the middle dan tian (or heart center). The third stage is exhaling through the mouth.



A private Breathwork session begins with a brief conversation and a check-in about where you feel blocked, and what you’d like to let go of. You will be taught the breathing technique, and then you’ll actively breathe for about 30-35min. While you’re breathing the space will be cleansed and essential oils may be applied if appropriate for you. Afterwards, you’ll have 10-15min of relaxation with more passive breathing. You will be guided and supported through the entire process.

As you activate your energy centers you may experience some tingling, vibration or areas of restriction or tightness. Some may experience a heart opening, leading to a feeling of gratitude and self-love. Working through blockages can also cause emotional releases. Many also experience bouts of creativity or a deeper connection to intuition.


Breathwork is beneficial for:

  • overthinking
  • unprocessed emotions
  • opening the heart
  • psychoemotional trauma
  • stress