Greg Zimmerman L.Ac.


Greg Zimmerman is a licensed Acupuncturist and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine with 20-years experience. He has an extensive professional background in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), classical Chinese medicine, Chinese orthopedics and tuina, martial arts, qigong, and meditation. After undergraduate studies in biochemistry and biology, Greg began his study [...]



About Acupuncture Acupuncture is used to regulate and restore the balance of the body in order to assist and accelerate the healing process.  It is based on traditional Chinese theories; the flow of qi (energy) and blood through meridians or pathways that cover the body, [...]

Chinese Herbs


About Chinese Herbs Herbal medicine is the substantial counterpart to the energetic medicine of acupuncture. Many conditions greatly benefit from the use of Chinese herbal therapy alone, or with acupuncture. Herbs, which include plants, flowers and minerals are highly specific in their actions and possess diverse qualities and [...]

Massage and Bodywork


MASSAGE and BODYWORK There are many variations of massage and bodywork that are used to heal the body and mind. We provide a healthy variation of techniques used according to your specifics needs. The bodywork associated with Chinese medicine utilizes the same medical theories and treatment principles fundamental to the [...]



Diet and Nutrition Diet, nutrition and lifestyle are important elements that round out the Chinese medical treatment plan.  We will educate you as to which foods or supplements should be added or eliminated based on your diagnosis, and wellness goals. The philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine is to achieve [...]

Facial Rejuvenation


Facial Rejuvenation Treatments are individualized to address your specific concerns. The treatments consist of placing fine needles at a variety of acupuncture points on the face, neck and around the eyes to stimulate the body’s natural energy, or Qi. Since muscle groups are addressed as well the acupuncture [...]



Cupping "Ba Guan" or cupping is another commonly seen modality of Oriental medicine. In fact, this treatment method has been used all over the world in nearly every culture throughout all of the ages. Not only does it offer exceptional health benefits but it also feels good; most describe [...]



Reiki "Reiki" is an ancient healing art which channels energy through the palms of the hands. This energy activates the natural healing processes, detoxifies the body of both physical and emotional blockages, and nurtures a state of deep relaxation and calmness. In Japanese, the word "Reiki" means "Universal Life [...]



WHAT IT IS Breathwork is an active meditation and an effective way to open up and connect or reconnect with your whole self. It unblocks stagnant energy, clears mental and emotional blockages and helps disconnect from habits and relationships that don’t serve you anymore. Through this active meditation, the breath [...]



Bio Mat The BioMat also produces Negative Ions, nature’s energizer, which deliver a molecular level massage.  This accelerates and deepens all healing and cleansing processes. It balances pH by decreasing acidity and is considered the “Master Power Switch” which activates the body’s entire cellular communication system, making every [...]